No docs in your company? Start here.

Let's be honest. Most companies have terrible documentation.

They will give the excuse of limited time, but that's an obvious fallacy if you count how many hours you lose when you re-discover the thoughts of your past self. The solution is well-known: the act of writing documentation should be the culture-default for a company.

As you may have guessed, since the solution is part of your culture, KnowHub alone will not solve your docs problems. You should make an active effort; you should get out of your way to make this work.

doc leads

The goal: the state where every knowledge your team has acquired is written down in ink [1].

Here is a path to achieve this goal:

  1. Start small. Every time you are about to acquire new knowledge from co-workers, do it in a better way. IM contributes negatively to this, so ask the question somewhere you know your future self will find easily. We designed KnowHub Questions with this in mind.

  2. Commit. When you aim to change a habit (i.e. not writing docs) you need to commit in the beginning. For example, establish a rule such as "For any new service that's coded, a document that describes it must exist".

  3. Fill in the gaps. If you start with the previous two steps and iterate for some time, you will find out what works for you and what doesn't. As you build your process you will identify things missing. For example, what about out-of-date documentation? Our stab at this is with a feature called Documents Leads. Every document has a lead person, accountable for keeping it up-to-date. If it isn't, anyone can raise an infraction, and it's the lead's job to fix it.

docs infractions

KnowHub is tool to help you write docs, keep them up-to-date and make company knowledge available to all employees. We hope it can help you solve documentation problems that are a common bottleneck for productivity.

You can sign up for a free trial here. We would appreciate your thoughts on the product greatly, feel free to voice them at any point here:


[1] Or pixels. Or NAND gates.