KnowHub is in beta!

KnowHub's closed beta launch is a go!

The last task was to build the blog and write the first post.

A total of 4 core features are planned to be built, and currently we are at 25%, enough for launching!

Welcome, the People Directory.

screenshot people directory

Random, wildly diverse company.

Consider this. How many times have you started working at a remote company, and even after months you have no clue who is working there? Maybe you have wondered who is Cordelia and why she doesn't talk on Slack. Maybe you have also wondered who is this Kevin who always lurks on standups but never talks.

Well, wonder no more! You can now go to your company's people directory on KnowHub and search for any and all employees. On their profile you will find their name, role, Slack username, email, photo, location, timezone, their normal working hours along with overlap work hours with you!

Ah, the jubilation of knowing who is working in the same company as you. Level un-locked!

PS. Actually, a lot more has been built. Profiles, onboarding, invites, billing, user/company settings are also working.