Docs for remote teams

Create your company's knowledge repository.
Scattered info across Drive docs, repository READMEs, emails and chat history.
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Asking questions is good.
Getting answers in a disappearing chat might not be.
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Ask questions. Searchable, indexable, taggable. Unlike those that happen in a chat.
Create Markdown docs ranging from tech architecture overview to business development tips.
People directory
A list with everyone working in the company, their role, and profile.
Make announcements, spread news. Make everyone feel included without interrupting their flow.

Why KnowHub?

Chat doesn't solve every problem
KnowHub documents are designed for structured information and written guides.
Company knowledge base
Staging environment failure? Database restore from backup? KnowHub is the place for this info.
No need to ask the same questions
Making questions and answers tagged and searchable is better than asking the same thing every time.
Faster onboarding
Reading older questions and answers will make new hires experience past problems as part of the team.
Let your employees feel connected
Enable your employees to feel part of the company. Inform them what's happening inside.
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